In 1972, John Tillery founded Amarillo Testing Laboratory as a Construction Materials Testing company. It was an admirable feat considering the Amarillo Air Force Base closure and state of the local economy. John was resilient and successfully managed the Company until 1976 when he sold the business to a young engineer by the name of Bernard Ray Tillery, his son.

Ray had held engineering positions with the New Mexico Highway Department and had served in the US Navy prior to joining the Company. With Ray, the Company was now able to provide Geotechnical Engineering services, adding another dimension to the Company. To reflect the services, Ray changed the name to Amarillo Testing & Engineering and incorporated the Company in the State of Texas. Under Ray's leadership, the Company earned a reputation for providing quality work and a strong commitment to excellence. This reputation proved to be the foundation for how the Company operates.

Ray retired in 2006 after a successful career with AT&E. Even though Ray is"retired", he remains active in the Company and the community. On good weather days, he still rides his 10-speed bicycle to the office.

The passing of the baton occurred in 2005 when Oziel "Ozzie" E. Gonzalez assumed the role of President of the Company. Ozzie started with AT&E in 1990 and has worked his way up the Company ladder. He has served in every capacity from field and laboratory roles to consulting and forensic analysis. Ozzie has adapted to new technologies and continues to build on what John and Ray started. Under his leadership, larger projects and increased scopes have been tasked to AT&E.

We are determined and committed to build long-lasting relationships. Armed with a strong work ethic and solid reputation, we look forward to the future and are ready to meet your goals.